Manuscript Strategy & Ghost Writing

If you'd like to share your story... if everyone you meet tells you "You HAVE to write a book!", Fern specializes in helping authors write memoirs and books with a message. Fern can help you get from concept and notes on napkins, powerpoint presentations, a bunch of blogs and podcasts and random articles, to a finished manuscript.

Manuscript Strategy will have the author working with Fern to sort through the content clutter to refine your message, define your book outline, create a Table of Contents, and guide you through the writing and editing process.

Ghost Writing services involve sharing your existing materials, stories and concepts with Fern, who will create a manuscript in your voice, with your sense of humor, passion, intellectual content, and together generate vivid verbal images and dialogue to create a "movie" on paper.

Whether you have a beginning manuscript you'd like refined or a concept for a book that hasn't taken any form yet, give us a call and we'll help you figure out how to make your dream of sharing your story a reality.

I love helping people with a passion share the message and lessons they have with the world! When writers tell me "I can't tell what you wrote and what I wrote because it all sounds like me!" I feel honored! Fern

Reach out to Fern directly at [email protected].

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Since 1993

I'll Be Right There

Written by a caregiver taking care of her parents for other caregivers. You Can Do This!

Available at, Barnes & Noble,,, and other booksellers.

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Since 1993

I'm Not Gonna Live Forever You Know!

A Guidebook for Adults to Share their Wishes with their Loved Ones.

Available soon.


I'm Not Gonna Live Forever You Know cover

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For writing services, contact Fern directly at [email protected] or via phone at 561.757.8297.

Send us an email to [email protected], or visit for more information about the I'll Be Right There guidebook and caregiving related support.